The Battle

Hi Beloved! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my last post. We were so busy in 2021 and this year was no different. I’m working on a post about how God perfectly orchestrated our house purchase/sale. Everything worked out for our good and His glory. Amen! So, please stay tuned. I hope to get it up next week.

In June 2021, we attended my brother’s wedding. It was such a beautiful event! I’m so happy he found the perfect partner and that I have a wonderful, new sister. The day after the wedding, my aunt gave me a journal as a gift. The Lord prompted me to begin writing songs, poems, and special revelations in March 2020, but receiving this journal was the push I needed to get started. I’ve been writing as often as possible and I want to share some of the poems I’ve written, over the next couple of weeks. As always, if you want me to pray with you or for you, please reach out! I hope you all have a blessed Advent season. ❤

The Battle – Alexis Gonzales

The war has been won, but the battle’s still on
We’re training, preparing, forgetting no one
Collecting the lost, no matter the cost
The clock’s running down, but we’re gaining ground
No, it won’t be easy, there’s an adversary
Also trying to collect as many as he can carry
But God’s Army is strong, some under pressure so long
That the coals turned to diamonds and grief to a song
Preparing us for such a time, He can turn things on a dime
He can use everything you’ve been through for your good
It wasn’t all for nothing, He knew you would
Rise from the ashes a new creation, victorious, pointing others to their salvation
He’ll sometimes let us walk through the fire and let things come down to the wire
To make us durable and of great faith, but He’ll always take us by the hand
And lead us to a firm rock on which to stand
He’ll be the 4th man in the furnace, protecting us, no ashes burn us
We won’t even smell like smoke, He’s true to every word He spoke, every chain and
bondage broke
He wants you for the cause, so jump right in, no need to pause
Not of your own, but of his strength
His grace abounds for every stage, He will be with us through it all
Even to the end of the age

Jesus Loves You,


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